Sick & Hospitalized People Guide

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The FEBUS practice connects you to a subtle powerful energy that will relieve your pain session after session. We are not saying that we are going to cure your illness but we are going to give you energy to fight it at best. Sick & Hospitalized People Guide is 35 pages included 12 energy medals + 12 free medals

like that as soon as the first set of 12 medals become black (that means they take the bad energy and need to be renew), you change it for free with the extra set Jean FEBUS offers to you

User's review: Rosa: I have been sick for several months and I was lucky to hear about the FEBUS practice, since the energy I receive during my energy sessions help me fight my disease. The mind is also stronger to continue a way of life that I want longer to see my daughter grow. It is through serious practice that I can feel myself being helped by something that is beyond me, something superior that takes care of me and that I thank each day. Everyone must live these experiences, some will be receptive, others not but all cases must live the experience to know. Good practices and progress for all

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