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Open your own relaxing center, get a febus franchise and tools for success. We have developed several relaxation methods for opening Febus centers with energy sessions which allow daily regeneration by connecting to an energy source with health and youthful properties. We guarantee the positive effects of our method on all people who come to Febus energy centers. What you need is a clean room, peace, and space to put 2 or more massage tables, our knowledge and the feus medals, that's all you need.

Febus franchise allows you to use the name, the methods, the books, the knowledge, innovation, experience. Plus financially your energy center will cost you 0, because the cost of your franchise of 12.000€ is cover by the medals we provide you ensuring that you have the tools for success. Febus franchise includes 1,500 medals worth €15,000 when you pay 12.000 for your franchise... Contact us