What We Do

We do Miracles healing and preventive health therapy. Jean Febus creates and distributes the tools and resources that transform the lives of everyone. Whether you’re a child, adult, or senior, if you’re searching for health, and overall wellness, look no further than Jean Febus, a therapist, coach and researcher of energy healing therapies who is bringing his holistic healing methods world-wide. We sell preventive health books for the first time with exclusive energy medals, as well as subscription coaching programs to distribute for free Febus therapy to sick children hospitalized, who is our first objective.

After 25 years of research, the Cathare native discovered a powerful life source energy that distributes miracles and helps individuals live with better physical and mental health. Through his books, life coaching, and energy tools, Jean Febus is dedicated to spreading his beneficial energy-based healing methods to the greatest number of people he can globally. 

“Febus Therapy” implements methods that help lead to the extraordinary quality of life desired by most individuals and organizations around the world. Jean Febus not only creates these holistic healing methods, he also distributes the tools and resources needed for the public to reach their fullest potential. The health and wellness coaching, guides and books from Jean Febus are suitable for all ages and are extremely simple and powerful to use. The idea behind the Febus methods is to fully connect your mind with the universal energy that brings us life force, a calm mind, inner peace and general wellbeing.

Febus energy sessions are done at a Spa or at home and are autonomous with personal objectives. Before these sessions, the Febus method calls for you to set a goal of physical or mental progression. To help you fully connect to the Febus energy, Jean Febus provides you with exclusive energy tools, or Febus Medals, which you place around your body to create an energetic field that gradually installs peace, trust, and a joy for life in your body, mind and soul. You can try the Jean Febus wellness and holistic healing method with five energy tools or by reading one of the Febus guides. All Febus guides include 12 energy tools. Once you place an order for a Jean Febus book or coaching program, you’ll receive your energy tools within a few days.

There are Febus books and coaching for preventive health and wellness; anti-aging; children and teens; mental balance; women; spiritual awakening; as well as sick and hospitalized people. There is truly no better way to discover physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Febus coaching plans and guides are developed by respected health professionals however, Jean Febus is not a medical organization and they can’t give you medical advice. Jean Febus also urges that you never stop a medical treatment.

Thanks to your practice a new energy animates you, a new sacred fire of longevity accompanies you throughout your life. Transform your life today, good discoveries and practices to all. You need more information please schedule your call


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