What We Do

We do relaxing care and energy healing for individuals and business. Jean Febus creates and distributes the programs and tools that transform the lives of everyone. Whether you’re a child, adult, or senior, you can folloow his holistic energy method.

After 25 years of research, the Cathare native discovered a powerful life source energy that distributes pure energy and helps individuals live with better physical and mental health. Febus implements methods that help lead to the extraordinary quality of life desired by most individuals and organizations around the world. Jean Febus not only creates these self healing method, he also distributes the self tools and resources needed for the public to reach their fullest potential.

The health and wellness methods from Jean Febus are suitable for all ages and are simple and powerful to use. The idea behind the Febus methods is to fully connect your mind with the universal energy that brings us life force, a calm mind, inner peace and general great wellbeing with an incredible energy.

Before yours sessions you set a goal of physical or mental progression and you follow your program for 21 days. To fully connect to the Febus energy we provides you with exclusive energy tools as Febus medals, which you place around your body to create an energetic field that gradually installs peace your body, mind and soul.



How I can obtain a better health & wellness?

We all dream of finding a natural way to live with a better physical and mental health, to connect with an energy that heals us, removes our daily stress and pain by opening ourselves to a better life, longer and stronger, we can find that with Febus energy healing.

How I can stop my daily stress?

Every day we collect stress that accumulates and accumulate again to end up making us sick. If we find a way to evacuate negative emotions on all our subtle plans then we are more likely to stay in good health and live longer. An adapted energy practice is a solution. It is through daily practice that we will attain a better life.

How I can connect Febus healing?

Connecting daily to a higher space source of life allow womens and mens to feel better naturally with an effective and real new energy that takes care of us every day by revitalizing our cells during each self home practice performed. It is a everyday renewed happiness to connect to this wonderful energy so peaceful.

We can connect to a subtle energy of well-being often through a therapist who will guide you and make you access a connection or we can get connected with Febus home self practice allow us to realize the connection without intermediaries.

How do I access the best of my evolution?

By the daily practise which make us progress our energy to access to the best of our evolution. Become the one we know we are the best is super intense. Reach the best of our evolution take time, it is by a regular practice that we will reach our summit.