Find the dates and locations of Jean FEBUS LIVE EVENTS. It's good to meet and share unforgettable experiences. We can achieve what we want but we need sometimes to be helped in finding shortcuts that will save us time to best achieve the meaning of our lives. We invite you to come and discover the FEBUS life force energy during the visit of the live tour near you.

The Jean FEBUS practice belongs to the energy therapies, it's a natural preventive health, well-being and longevity practices for all, children, adults and seniors. We connect you to the Life Force Energy Source call Febus. We provide you health and wellness live events who are good for the whole family, with methods to connect Febus energy simple and powerful to use. With your ticket for 2 days are include 12 energy Febus Medals.

Febus therapy with help preventivly to treat turbulent Childs, Migraine, Anoxeria, CVA, Cancer, Parkinson, Hospitalized people, Alzheimer, Suicide, Depression, Grieving Help, Stop Smoking, Anti-Aging, Eyes wellness, Sleeping, Stop Drinking,  Spiritual Life and awakening

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