Connect our source of health, youth and wellness through our coaching program, illuminate yourself with a new inner smile. We all dream to find a natural way to live with better physical and mental health. Our life coaching program is about getting you preventive health, youth and wellness in do-it-yourself, at-home sessions.

    Febus therapy with help preventivly to treat turbulent Childs, Migraine, Anoxeria, CVA, Cancer, Parkinson, Hospitalized people, Alzheimer, Suicide, Depression, Grieving Help, Stop Smoking, Anti-Aging, Eyes wellness, Sleeping, Stop Drinking, Spiritual Life and awakening

    Subscription to FEBUS Energy Life Coaching plan includes:

      • Coaching
      • 12 energy medals
      • Preventive Health Programs
      • Customer Service
      • Free Energy Tools Renewal
      • Discount Ticket for Live Event
      • Health Modules Renewal
      • Free shipping
      • Subscription for 6 months minimum
      If you need more information, please schedule your call today
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