About Jean FEBUS

Jean FEBUS is a Therapist and energy researcher since 20 years, he was born in 1970 in Paris, France

➢ Kinesiologist

➢ President of Febus Research International

➢ Author of Energy guides and practices:

▹ Health & Wellness preventive

▹ Longevity & Vitality, Anti Age

▹ Meditation & Yoga tools

▹ Love & Relational

▹ Kids & Teens precentive Health and Wellness,

▹ Spiritual Awakening, Guide & Practice

Febus Research International is researching subtle and rare healing energies by developing health and wellness guides for daily home practice. The guides are accompanied by energy medals or bracelets that connect you to the health and youth energy.

Febus Research International mission is to distribute this beneficial energy to the greatest number of people around the world, especially to hospitalized children, in order to make them more healthy.

Febus Research International works thanks to the sales of the guides and the donations of people, these donations allow further our research and to prolong our action graciously with hospitalized children who deserve comfort, better being and love.